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Who is BØRNEfonden?

BØRNEfonden is one of Denmark’s largest development organisations funded by private sponsorships and partnerships. Together, we support nearly 60,000 children, their families and communities creating their own future in Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Cape Verde. In our five programme countries, BØRNEfonden’s work comprises three phases that follow the children’s development and needs, starting from childbirth and until the young people have achieved an education.

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Early childhood

During the first years of the children’s lives, BØRNEfonden focuses on the children’s survival and on giving them a good start in life. In this phase, the risk of illness and death is particularly high. We work with improving the health conditions of infants and small children and establishing a safe and stimulating environment.


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As the children grow older, BØRNEfonden’s work focuses on schooling and that the children can attend school. We work to ensure safe schooling without violence and to increase the quality of children’s education. Our work at the schools also concentrates on teaching the children about health and hygiene to avoid disease


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BØRNEfonden follows the children into their youth and until they have completed an education. We work to strengthen the young people’s specific skills by helping them enter vocational training, get an apprenticeship or get microcredits and support to start their own business. We also empower the youth to know and promote about their rights and to influence political decisions that affect their lives.


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BØRNEfonden is increasingly cooperating with Danish and international institutional donors, private enterprises and foundations as well as national donors in our programme countries.

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