“BØRNEfonden is able to work under difficult conditions – our organization is built to do this. We work directly with children and young people, so we can hear their voices and help them get an education and a job, as well as play a more visible role in their local community“, director Bolette Christensen on the capacities of BØRNEfonden. 



Our ambition is to provide children and their families from poor communities with the possibility to make a brighter future for themselves. 


We support children in poor countries in creating a better future. With focus on the individual child we work to improve the conditions for sustainable development by ensuring health, education and knowledge about the stimulation of local economies for the children and their families. We believe in long-term solutions for sustainable development. For this reason we are active in each community for 15-20 years. We co-operate with local organizations to ensure local anchoring and sustainable communities. 



We hold ourselves responsible for using the donated resources with the best possible effect and thereby ensure that the effect will be manifest to the local communities. 


We always tell things the way they are –and put them into their proper context. We constantly improve the quality of our work as well as document and communicate the effects.



We work at BØRNEfonden because we are convinced that in collaboration with the program countries it is possible to make a difference for some of the world’s poorest children and their local communities. Our work is based on the idea that facilitating a self-help culture is the best approach to create sustainable development.