In BØRNEfonden’s five programme countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali and Cape Verde) our work comprises three phases that follow the children’s development and needs from birth to young adulthood. The phases consist of integrated activities, covering four thematic areas: education, health, children & development and income generation. Each phase has a different focus, which is determined by the age and needs of the children. The three phases are: Early childhood, Childhood and Youth.


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Phase 1: Early childhood

Phase 2: Childhood

Phase 3: Youth


What we do 


Pre-schooling: The importance of early childhood education as a strategy for ensuring improved school success is widely acknowledged. However, the rate of children that are enrolled in pre-schools (kindergartens) in West Africa is extremely low compared to other parts of the world. 


Education: Education is one of the most important drivers of development, yet there are still many children and young people who do not attend school or have access to proper education. 


Nutrition: 1 in 4 or 143 million under-five children in the developing world are still underweight and nearly 20 million children under five are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. 




While working in Benin, BØRNEfonden has achieved the following, and much more: 


  • More than 225 community pre-schools have been established in Benin since 1999 – 25 pct. of the total number of pre-schools in Benin. 
  • A total of 113 pre-school teachers have received professional teacher’s training. 
  • 62,000 children have been given access to a pre-school established by BØRNEfonden during the past five years. 
  • More than 760 classrooms have been established and furnished with 25,000 school tables and benches. 
  • BØRNEfondens’ contribution enables approximately 30,200 children to access primary school each year. 
  • Moderate malnutrition has fallen steadily over time in BØRNEfondens intervention areas in all of the four regions of Benin. 
  • BØRNEfonden sponsors nearly 12,000 children in Benin. 


About BØRNEfonden 


BØRNEfonden is an independent development organisation funded by private sponsorships and business partnerships. Together, we assist more than 67.000 children and youth in creating their own future in Togo, Mali, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Benin. BØRNEfonden was founded in 1972 and has since grown to become Denmark’s largest development organisation measured in private funds.


• BØRNEfonden has an annual turnover of more than $35,5 million (USD) 

• We are focused on long-term development work and social sustainability through local partnerships and cooperation 

• BØRNEfonden works in four key intervention areas: Education, children’s health, income generating activities and children and development.

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Example of projects

The project Support to the Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality, supported by Danmarks Indsamling, serves to reduce maternal mortality and to improve community care for Motherless Children. The project’s activities to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality are carried our in cooperation with the Danish Emergency and Rescue Company Falck. It includes upgrading of infrastructure in health centres and capacity building of doctors, midwives, nurses and paramedical workers in relation to maternal health and emergency aid. Furthermore tricycle ambulances with trained ambulance drivers are operated as a part of the project.











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