Burkina Faso

In BØRNEfonden’s five programme countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali and Cape Verde) our work comprises three phases that follow the children’s development and needs from birth to young adulthood. The phases consist of integrated activities, covering four thematic areas: education, health, children & development and income generation. Each phase has a different focus, which is determined by the age and needs of the children. The three phases are: Early childhood, Childhood and Youth.



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Phase 1: Early childhood

Phase 2: Childhood

Phase 3: Youth


What we do 

Children and youth in Burkina Faso face several challenges during their childhood and adolescence. Malnutrition, sickness, low level of education, lack of knowledge among parents/caretakers to ensure appropriate care and protection of their children, child labor and early pregnancies are just examples of some of the challenges and risks faced by child and youth in Burkina Faso—particularly in the rural areas where BØRNEfonden operates. 


Home visits: Around 80 pct. of our field staffs’ time is allocated to home visits. Through this extensive work BØRNEfonden provides counseling for children, youth and their families enrolled in our programme with the aim of supporting children’s education, safety and health. 


While working in Burkina Faso, BØRNEfonden has achieved the following, and much more: 


  • Since 1996 BØRNEfonden has established more than 410 classrooms, nearly 30 libraries and more than 50 wells.
  • Each year 9,670 children and their families/caretakers receive person-to-person counseling in the areas of health and education. 
  • In a year the counseling helped to refer 38 seriously ill children to health clinics or other relevant service provider, and 4,165 children and 7,328 parents/caretakers received appropriate health care preventing severe sickness or even death. 
  • 2,064 parents and caretakers have improved their possibility to generate an income through micro-credit loan and/or agricultural equipment. 
  • BØRNEfonden sponsors approximately 10,400 children in Burkina Faso.

About BØRNEfonden 

BØRNEfonden is an independent development organisation funded by private sponsorships and business partnerships. Together, we assist more than 67.000 children and youth in creating their own future in Togo, Mali, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Benin. BØRNEfonden was founded in 1972 and have since grown to become Denmark’s largest development organisation measured in private funds. 


• BØRNEfonden has an annual turnover of more than $35,5 million (USD) 

• We are focused on long-term development work and social sustainability through local partnerships and cooperation 

• We work in four key intervention areas: Education, children’s health, income generating activities and children and development.

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Two examples of projects


Improving Girls’ Education This project supports rural girls’ education and provides educational alternatives for young girls not attending school, such as training in entrepreneurship, life-skills and Income Generating Activities. It includes training for local officials on the importance of girls’ education and mobilizes community support for girls to pursue their education at least until the end of secondary education.



Children’s right to identity The right to an identity is established by the Convention of the Rights of the Child and birth certificates represent a foundation for safeguarding a child’s civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Even though the right to a birth certificate is stated by law in Burkina Faso, 1 in 4 children lack a birth certificate. This project, realized together with Swedish Barnfonden with support from Radiohjälpen, work with rural communities to create understanding about the importance of birth certificates and encourage parents to demand birth certificates for their children from the registration system. The project also provides equipment, of e.g. computers, stamps for birth certificates etc., to the civil registry offices to enable them to issue birth certificates in a timely manner.




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