Early childhood

Phase 1 goes from birth to school age. During the first years of a child’s life, the risk of illness and death is particularly high. Therefore, this phase focuses on survival and on giving the child a good start in life.


We build kindergartens, cooperate with health authorities to ensure access to health services and inform parents

about breastfeeding, nutrition, health, disease, hygiene and sanitation.


We also work to ensure that all children have a birth certificate. A birth certificate ensures that the child has an identity and thus the right to protection. With a birth certificate, parents can register abuse or report a child missing, and when the child grows up he/she can obtain an examination certificate and open a bank account.


We also support the child’s parents to earn a living e.g. by training in agricultural practices and by facilitating access to microcredits.

Phase 2: Childhood

Phase 3: Youth



Childhood and youth

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Phase 2: Childhood 

Phase 3: Youth