Thanks to support from our sponsors and partners, BØRNEfonden is able to conduct long-term development work in the communities where we are engaged. BØRNEfonden is increasingly cooperating with Danish and International institutional donors, private enterprises and foundations as well as national donors in our programme countries. We are also establishing more and more partnerships with companies, organisations and authorities in the countries where we operate.

Private companies and foundations

BØRNEfonden collaborates with companies to create concrete and long-lasting results for children and young people in Africa. Companies can create jobs, transfer expertise and get young people involved in education and practical training. And this is very much needed on a continent where half the population is younger than 25.

In 2015, BØRNEfonden cooperated with over 60 Danish companies and our cooperation with companies in our programme countries is also growing. As an example, the Malian branch of the foundation of the telecommunication company Orange supported BØRNEfonden with DKK 1.8 million in 2015. These are a mixture of both large and small companies, and their approach varies from very strategic to more support-oriented. However, the aim of all corporate partnerships is to ensure that the collaboration adds value to children and families in Africa through BØRNEfonden and to the company itself.

Institutional donors

Contributions from institutional donors increased from DKK 5.8 million in 2014 to DKK 8 million. CISU (Civil Society In Development), which is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accounts for the largest contribution of DKK 5.9 million - DKK 1.1 million more than the year before. The increased support from CISU reflects the fact that BØRNEfonden is able to deliver within the scope prioritised in Denmark’s development policy, such as the creation of sustainable communities with a healthy and educated population.

We are recognised as a competent partner when public development funds from Danida and the European Union, among others, are allocated. In 2015, the United Nations’ children’s organisation UNICEF contributed over DKK 9 million to our development activities in Mali and Togo. Also in 2015, the local and institutional contributions were supplemented by DKK 11 million from the Danish fundraising campaign “Danmarks Indsamling”.

International partners

BØRNEfonden's development activities are further strengthened thanks to cooperation with a number of international organisations such as Barnfonden in Sweden, Taiwan Fund for Children & Family, ChildFund International in the USA, Christian Children's Fund of Canada, Un Enfant par la Main in France and ChildFund Deutschland. Via our international partners we carry out development work in another 19 countries.  


Network memberships

BØRNEfonden takes active membership in several networks focusing on our core programmatic areas including children's rights and Water and Sanitation. The networks links BØRNEfonden to relevant and important actors and potential partners.

Girls Not Brides

Core Humanitarian Standards

Keeping Children Safe

Global partnership to end violence against children

European Foundation Center

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance SuSanA  


UN Global Contact

Globalt Fokus




The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The role companies play was emphasized when the adoption of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals increased the focus on partnerships across sectors and involvement of the private sector in the funding of the goals. The goals provide governments, companies, NGOs and other involved parties with a relevant and broadly recognised framework in which to cooperate, which may develop and promote new and sustainable business models and innovative methods for solving problems.